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We chose Bristol as the location for the second Black Rock because it's "gurt lush" and because there's no other city in the UK that embraces new things like Bristol does.


Black Rock Bristol is located in an old barristers chambers on Marsh Street, right in the heart of the Old City not far from the popular drinking holes of King Street. This two story building was a completely empty when we acquired it, and over a build spanning four months we erected walls, installed electrics and plumbing, and got busy with dark paint and oak furniture.

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Black Rock Bristol is the younger, bigger sibling to the London branch (no pun intended). In fact, at a capacity of 60 people, it's one of the largest dedicated whisky bars in England.

The centrepiece of this space is a 6 ton, 220 year old oak tree, quietly maturing a cocktail in its belly. It needs seeing to be believed. 


Wall art is courtesy of Bristol local, Ryan Gajda, who has infused whisky drinking culture in to original designs inspired by traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e wood block prints.



Black Rock holds a stock of over 400 whiskies from all over the world. Now that's a rather large collection but our unique flavour-based organisation helps our guests to hone in on the perfect dram in no time.


We also have six draught beers, showcasing a changing range of local products and global favourites.


When it comes to mixed drinks, we are happy to offer both cocktails (short and strong) and highballs (long and light) all of them based on great tasting whiskies from around the world.

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TEL : 123.456.7890


6 Marsh Street, Bristol, BS1 4AX


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Mon - Sat: 

5pm 'till 12am