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Events & Packages

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Discover all the bespoke and fun events & packages we have to offer that will you guide you to an extraordinary world of whisky experiences. Join us for our renowned Tuesday Tastings, where distillery ambassadors share captivating stories and exceptional expressions. Immerse yourself in the art of blending with our interactive blending experiences, crafting your own unique Scotch Whisky. Explore our thoughtfully curated "Flights Packages," perfect for both enthusiasts and novices. Elevate your whisky journey with us at Black Rock, where every sip is an unforgettable moment. Cheers to exceptional whiskies and cherished memories!


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Unlock the art of whisky craftsmanship with our captivating Blending Experiences. Delve into the world of master blenders as you embark on a hands-on journey to create your very own bespoke whisky blend. Led by our knowledgeable experts, this interactive session takes place in our cosy basement bar, designed to inspire and educate. Explore a carefully curated selection of single malts and grains, each offering distinct aromas and flavours. Experiment with different ratios and combinations to craft a blend that suits your palate and preferences. Step into the shoes of a master blender and discover the magic of whisky alchemy with our unforgettable Blending Experiences. Cheers to creating your very own liquid masterpiece!

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